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We're making cooking
great again

With delishUp⤴️, India's First Smart Cooking Assistant

Up⤴️AI estimates the temperature of your food 10 times a second and cooks your food perfectly every time. 

Smart Cooking

Indulge in a culinary adventure by simply selecting the dish of your choice. You can cook for 1-4 people.

200+ Recipes

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With precise weighing scales you can never go wrong with proportions. 




How it works ?

See the delishUp⤴️in action

Discover new food everyday 

New recipes every week via OTA updates

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Safe Always

Safety Sensor : Cooking only starts when the lid is closed.

Insulated Handles : Insulated grip to easily handle hot food 

Auto Stop : Once cooking is completed delishUp⤴️ auto stops. 

Food Grade: Stainless Steel SS304

Overheating protection: Auto Cut off if temperature goes beyond 150C

Easy to use

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One-click Removable Blade

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Plug & Play

Touchscreen Onboarding orange.png

Touchscreen Onboarding

Weighing Scale Slab 3 orange.png

Washable Magnetic Weighing Scale

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Try it before you buy it

In Bengaluru? 

Try before you buy for 4 days at ₹499 in Bengaluru.
Experience the delishUp⤴️ from the comfort of your home.

Anybody can cook