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Meet the new face of Cooking

The delishUp  

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A smart cooking upliance for the Indian home

​Up  liance that Simplifies

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Select your meal, follow the recipe and get great food. Every. Single. Time.

Fall in love with something new everyday

Unlimited recipes via Over the Air updates

Desi Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Salads, Soups and more… There is something for everyone.

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Kaju Paneer

Paneer + Cashews- It's a match! 💖

Zero Experience Required

Step by Step Instructions
on the DelishUp

Cook what you like and get it right the first time. With step by step instructions cooking has never been easier. Make the food you love. 

How-to videos

How-to videos when you need it. Peel an onion, wash rice or cooking chicken for the first time, help is a video away for those who seek it!

Cooking Presets

The recipe presets take care of nearly all the cooking. The recipes automatically adjust the cook time, temperature, and speed for each step.

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Everything you don’t have to do

Smart Cooking


Cook in the same jar with the smart heating system. Controlled heating lets you steam, boil, slow cook, saute, stir fry all in a single jar. A jar that doubles as a kadai, a wok, a pan, a cooker... The list is endless


Goodbye to hours wasted watching your food cook. With the auto stir, the DelishUp⤴ tosses and mixes your food. Effortless biryani, pastas, noodles, gravies and curries.


Varying blade speeds chop everything just right.​ Customised chopping for every recipe and every vegetable.​ One tap is all it takes to shell onions, mince or get perfectly bite-sized pieces every time

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Take out the guess work

Precise Weighing Scales that get everything right.

See The delishUp     in action

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Winning over Indian hearts and homes

250+ households transformed in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Delhi

Ready to Stop Eating Boring Food?

Up  ’s got your back
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Always Connected

The smart way to cook, the delishUp connects to your home Wi-Fi to keep you up to date on all the latest features and recipes.

Ever Updating

An upliance that keeps getting better with time. With new recipes, features, and functions the delishUp⤴️ adapts to you and your evolving tastes.

Create together

Build your own recipes and share them with the Up⤴️ Community. Unleash your creativity in the Manual Mode or add your special touch to recipes.


Eat the same thing twice


Thank you for signing Up⤴️, we will call you soon!

Stay tuned with what's cooking at Up

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